Natural homemade playdough

Natural homemade playdough

Have you become conscious of the ingredients inside your little ones playdough? All the artificial colouring and scents used. Or are you just looking for something fun to do with your little ones? My kids spend hours with playdough!

Below youll find a natural playdough recipe you can use without having to worry about all the nasties! Ive tried many recipes before but none quite like this one! I found using the boiling water method was a hit and miss. Majority of the time my dough was turning out sticky. The stove method is the best! Not once has our dough turned out sticky. Its ways been perfect.

Heres what you'll need; 

  • 2 Cups plain flour
  • 3/4 Cup of himalayan salt
  • 4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 2 Cups warm water 
  • 2 tbls of oil (i used macadamia)
  • Extras  - essential oils and colouring ( i prefer to use dry powders for my colouring.)

You may be wandering about the cream of tartar - this acts as a preservative but it also helps the consistency of the dough allowing it to be more smoother and adds elasticity to it.  

How to make;

Step 1 - mix all your dry ingredients into a saucepan. (Flour, salt, cream of tar tar and if using add your dried powder for colouring) 

Step 2 - mix 2 cups of luke warm water and 2 tbsp oil into a measuring jug.

Step 3 - add the water into the dry ingredients and mix together.

Step 4 - turn on stove, and mix mixture over medium heat. Stir continuously, and be sure not to burn it. Keep mixing until it starts to form a ball.

Step 5 - Remove from pan and lay onto a piece of baking paper.

Step 6 - Knead the dough lightly. Create a small well in the middle. Add your essential oils (and if you prefer to use liquid colour add here too)

Step 7 - Knead dough until cooled down. 

Enjoy and have fun! 

Store in air tight containers! We prefer to use glass and keep out of reach from the children when use.

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The colours and scents are endless.

Heres what weve made so far ;

We made blue out of indigo powder, however i wouldnt recommend using this again. I found that the powder doesnt dissolve fully and leaves little speckles in the dough and if playing on a light surface it can leave little blue marks! (Although easy to clean on our table with a cloth and some Koh cleaning) - We scented this one with grapefruit.

Purple we made out of indigo and hibisucs powder. 1 tsp of each. I also added 1 tbsp laveneder powder for scent and also used lavender essential oil.

Green was made out of spirulina powder and we scented with lime essential oil.

The bottom colour is just natural colour, with some orange peel powder for scent and some orange essential oil.


We hope you enjoy. 

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