5 step regime [normal/dry skin]

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Do you follow a skincare routine? We've put together the perfect skin care kits for you to cleanse, tone & nourish your skin daily. This pack is suitable for dry - normal skin types.

Each deluxe skincare kit

 1 x 50ml pure cleansing oil                                           1 x 40g fresh face exfoliator 
 1 x 100ml rose hydrosol toner
 1x 30ml hyaluronic booster serum                                 1 x 100ml rejuvenating face cream

Skincare routine steps

STEP 1: Oil cleanse, to remove any make up and dirt from the face. Ensuring to wash off properly using hot towel steam method.

STEP 2: Exfoliate dead skin cells. We loose dead skin cells every minute so its important to buff these aways to avoid a build up and clogged skin.
STEP 3: Toner. Helps removes any excess oil and balances skins pH. Toners are particularly good for oily skin types. 
STEP 4: Serum. Help hydrate skin from the inside out. 
STEP 5: Moisturiser - An important step in helping boost hydration and sealing in moisture.

See individual product listings for ingredients. 
Please note this pack comes with 100ml hydrosol. (Pictured is only 50ml)