Organic mini hydrosols 6 pack


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6 pack mini hydrosols are perfect handbag sizes.


Neroli - has a gentle citrus/foral aroma and can be used to promote a happy feeling. For skincare benefits it is antibacterial and anti inflamamtory making it useful for redness in breakouts and treating pimples.

Geranium - has a sweet floral aroma and can be used to promote a inner peace yet uplifting feeling. For skincare benefits it is nourishing and healing making it benefical to dry, rosacea type skins. Also really useful for heat rashes.

Chamomile - has a light floral/earthy aroma and is widely used to promote a calming feeling. For skincare benefits it is strongly anti inflamamtory making it useful as a toner for oily and acne skin types.

Lavender - isnt as strong a scent as the essential oil. The hydrosol is more earthier. It is used to promote a calming, relaxing and positive feelings. For skincare benefits it is used to soothe skin and is particularly beneficial for sunburnt and irritated skin.

Rose - a rich sweet, rosy aroma. Brings a sense of peace and wellbeing. Rose hydrosol is extremely benefical to dry and mature skin. It is widely known for its antiaging benefits.

Eucalyptus - isnt as strong as the essential oil but provides an uplifting feeling, provides mental clarity and reduces negative thought patterns. It is extremely antibacterial, antimicrobial and helps with congestion. For skincare benefits it can help with dry skin, but can also help heal skin.

All our hydrosols have many benefits and uses. They can be used as linen or room sprays, spritz of the face, mix with powdered face masks, add to diffusers, use for cleaning and so much more 🌿


Mini 20ml travel organic hydrosols

  • Organic Lavender 
  • Organic Rose
  • Organic geranium
  • Organic Neroli 
  • Organic Eucalyptus
  • Organic Chamomile 

Certified organic hydrosols 

✔ Perfect size for handbags

✔ Travel size

✔ Use for skincare

✔ Use as linen sprays 

✔ Use as body sprays

✔ Add to diffusers