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Healthy Hot Chocolate 200g

HOT CHOCOLATE is a nutritionally rich collagen drink with a simple, all-natural ingredient profile. Quick and easy to prepare, HOT CHOCOLATE boasts a 60% protein content of 11.5g in every serve

Premium Ingredients

HOT CHOCOLATE is formulated with collagen, natural cocoa and MCT’s sourced from all over the world to ensure a high quality product

Nutritionally Rich

HOT CHOCOLATE is rich in protein and amino acids and low in sugar making it a treat you can feel good about drinking

Great For Hair, Skin & Muscles

Collagen production is critical to the reproduction of muscle as well as skin, hair and nail cells. HOT CHOCOLATE provides the effective dose recommended to support your body in collagen synthesis

Healthy Treat Alternative

Featuring all-natural, nutritionally rich ingredients, HOT CHOCOLATE is a healthier alternative to store-bought hot chocolate mixes

Naturally Flavoured

HOT CHOCOLATE contains no artificial ingredients and is simply flavoured with rich natural cocoa, coconut and monk fruit

Quick And Easy To Prepare

HOT CHOCOLATE is ready to enjoy in just a matter of minutes! Simply add hot water or milk to a mug and stir in hot chocolate powder



Collagen (60%), Natural cocoa (10%), MCT powder (10%), Coconut powder, Organic inulin, Natural chocolate flavour, Vegetable gum, Natural cream flavour, Monk fruit extract.    


Suggested Use

1. Pour 150-200ml hot water or milk into a mug.

2. Add 1 Medium True Scoop (20g) of Hot Chocolate powder into the mug.

3. Mix well until powder is completely dissolved.

We recommend using milk for optimal taste.